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Florida Hop Growing Update

DSC_0187So far, so good.  It has been eight days, and both rhizomes have produced above-ground growth.  The Willamette were first to arrive, DSC_0188breaking through on the 5th day.   The Cascades followed suit on the 7th day.  And, since they both showed signs of life, I finally felt comfortable rewarding them each with their own $12 trellis.   That brings my grand total to just over $50 for project startup costs.  Here’s hoping I get a crop this year…



A Snowball’s Chance

IIMG_20130330_085738 have decided to see if I can grow hops in Central Florida.  I have read about people having success in South Florida, so reasoning says I should be able to get a decent crop up here. From what I can discern, Cascades seem to thrive in just about any climate, so I’m planting a rhizome.  I also like Willamette, so I am going to give those a shot, too.


I chose a spot that gets full sun from about 9 AM to 4 PM.  I planted the Willamette about 5 feet to the West of the Cascades so it will get shade first.  Both will get watered by my lawn sprinklers twice per week, so I’ll probably have to supplement with a third or fourth watering per week until the summer rains come.  I am planning to trellis them to 6 feet, then trim them to contain them to the trellis.  Hopefully keeping them bushy will not alter their flowering ability.

Cost, you ask?   I can’t sell this as a cost saving maneuver just yet, since I am up to $30 between rhizomes, soil components (Black Kow, bagged top soil), and the fancy cedar edging.  Assuming I get one or two two-ounce crops this year, I’ll still be out $25.   But, I will have grown those hops, so I am sure they’ll taste ten times better than pellet hops…

I’ll post updates as the bines grow and (hopefully) bloom.

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